Original Yang Zi's most beautiful red carpet modeling is bright and soft, which is too amazing. She brings her own Korean drama female host to shine

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original title: Yang Zi's most beautiful red carpet shape, bright and soft, is amazing, make complaints about the

. This is the original creation by the star fans group, the original is not allowed to reprint the

. When it comes to the goddess Yang Zi, because of the red carpet of foreign ginseng, many netizens are tucking up, and many netizens feel that Yang Zi's exotic red carpet is due to her figure. She has become fat again. If she comes to add a red carpet to imagine, and compare with other actress, she will be sent to three different analyzers to make complaints about her. In fact, Yang Zi's red carpet modeling also has many amazing, to the expert fast three analyzer, the most beautiful one is the water mist blue feather long skirt fast three analyzer, this modeling is her debut since the most beautiful red carpet. Long skirt shows her whole child, I am tall and thin, temperament clear and elegant. Even if it is the same stage actress beauty is very high, she still feels the most beautiful.


this time, the stylist asked for more money. In addition to the good selection of long skirts, her makeup was also very proper. Her make-up was clear and clean, and Yang Zi's temperament became happy and soft. Many netizens lamented that she had brought her own Korean dramas on that day. Whether it was clothes or not, her make-up was too beautiful. Naturally, Yang Zi is still very thin at that stage, and it is normal to be a little fatter. Yang Zi's constitution is easy to get fat, so it's very difficult to lose weight. She said that drinking water must be fat three jin, in order to lose weight, she benefit several days do not eat food, the effect is still exotic thin.


later, she went on a diet instead of having dinner and had to do various kinds of exercises to get on the camera. It's difficult to lose weight, but even if you eat a little nutritious meal, you will grow fat. She this kind of physique girl let a person very distressed, lose weight equal difficulty, thin down, eat a little bit and bounce back. Although Yang Zi is a star, she is also a light hearted person. She herself is a child eater, and she keeps on weight-loss activities in recent years. If you grow fat unexpectedly, it will affect your appearance. What's more, her popularity is not due to her appearance, but because of her acting skills.

As soon as the trailer of her new play \